Do Not Read This

January 24, 1814 – July 16, 1814

I’ve been looking for an excuse not to read the complete works of Plato, and I finally found it. If only someone as perceptive as John Adams had warned me about Madame Bovary, Pride and Prejudice, and Moby Dick, I could get those wasted hours back too.

John Adams to Thomas Jefferson: “Some thirty Years ago I took upon me the severe task of going through all his Works… My disappointment was very great, my Astonishment was greater and my disgust was shocking. Two Things only did I learn from him. 1. that Franklins Ideas of exempting Husbandmen and Mariners etc. from the depredations of War were borrowed from him. 2. that Sneezing is a cure for the Hickups. Accordingly I have cured myself and all my Friends of that provoking disorder, for thirty Years with a Pinch of Snuff.”

If anyone would like to provide any additional warnings, I’d appreciate it.


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